How to get to Nepal?

There are many ways to get to Nepal which are as below either by overland or air connection.

By Road

Nepal is connected by road from India and China (Tibet only) - The border to Enter Nepal by road is below.

(1) Kakkarvitta on the Nepal-India border
(2) Birgunj on the Nepal-India border
(3) Belhiya, Bhairahawa in the Nepal-India border
(4) Nepalgunj on the Nepal-India border
(5) Dhangadi on the Nepal-India border
(6) Mahendranagar on the Nepal-India border and
(7) Kodari & Kerung on the Nepal-China border

By Air

Nepal is well connected by many commercial airline services to the rest of the world. Nepal Airlines is the national flag carrier of Nepal with flights to/ from Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Bangkok, Doha, Hong Kong, and some other countries other airlines operate flights to and from Nepal, and some of them are as below.

Thai Airways

  • Flies through: Bangkok to Kathmandu
  • Convenient Networks from Europe and America

Silk Air

  • Flies through: Singapore to Kathmandu
  • Convenient Networks from Europe, America, and Australia

Fly Dubai

  • Flies through: Dubai to Kathmandu
  • Convenient Network: There are daily flights from all around the world to Dubai by Emirates Airlines, then the client connects to Kathmandu with fly Dubai.

Gulf Air

  • Flies through Muscat and Abu Dhabi
  • Convenient Networks from Europe and America

Qatar Air

  • Flies through Doha
  • Convenient Networks from Europe and America

Indian Airlines

  • They have wide connections available from all over America and Europe through to India and then to Nepal.

Turkish Airways

  • They have wide connections available from all over America and Europe through to Istanbul and then to Nepal.

Air India

  • They have wide connections available from all over America and Europe through to India and then to Nepal.

Biman Bangladesh

  • Flies through: Dhaka

Air China

  • Flies through: Chengdu, Lhasa

Etihad Airways

  • Flies through: UAE
  • They have wide connections available from all over America and Europe.

Druk Air

  • Flies through: Paro, Bhutan

Korean Air

  • Flies through: Seoul

Pakistan International Airlines

  • Flies through: Pakistan
  • Dragon Air
  • Flies through: Hongkong

China Southern

  • Flies through: Guangzhou

Please ask your travel agency, or search on the internet for a suitable flight to enter Nepal and return, in addition. We also offer international flight booking to and from Nepal.

What is the best time to travel to Nepal?

We have a slogan in Nepal that is “Nepal is for all-season”, which means it is possible to travel to Nepal any time of the year. Nepal is the place for numerous tours and activities depending on which tours/activities you are planning to do/experience in Nepal, and you can choose the time to travel to Nepal.

However, the autumn (from mid-September to mid-December), and spring, (from the beginning of March until the end of May) are considered to be the best time for trekking and climbing in Nepal.

The weather is generally clear with mild to warm days and cold nights in Autumn Season, mornings are usually clear, and afternoon cloud build-up brings occasional showers in the Spring season. The days are warm and the displays of wildflowers, such as rhododendrons, are spectacular at this time of year.

We have many tours and treks in Nepal that can be done in the winter season in Nepal like trekking in the lower parts of Nepal. Similarly, it is possible to do trekking in the trans-Himalayan part of Nepal in summers such as Mustang and Dolpo, and the other sightseeing tours, Jungle safaris, hiking, and day tours can be done in on any time of the year.

How to get a Nepal tourist visa?

border entry points in Kakadvitta, Birgunj, Bhairahawa, Nepalgunj, Gaddachowki on the Nepal-India border, and Kodari and Kerung on the Nepal-China border.

Nepal tourist visa is also available at the nearest Nepal Embassy or diplomatic mission for Nepal in your country. Visa can also be obtained (renewal purposes) at the Department of Immigration, Kalikasthan, Kathmandu. A valid passport and one passport-size photo with a light background are required. Immigration Department has not specified the size of the passport-size photograph.

Know more about the process to apply for Nepal Visa.

Do I get Airpor pick-up on arrival?

Yes, the airport picks up services are included in most of our travel packages, look at the service inclusion section of the trip package that you are booking. There will be our airport representative to meet & greet you and he will transfer you to your designated hotel.

Important Note on Arrival at Kathmandu Airport

There can be many people around you to support you to carry your luggage & put your luggage in the vehicle when you exit from Airport, and they ask for money as a tip at the end (These people do not belong to us).
So, be careful of them, and we advise you not to let to carry your bag/luggage. We suggest you take your bag/luggage yourself until you put it in our vehicle as there are many trolleys that you can use free of cost.

What to do in Nepal?

There are many tourism activities to do in Nepal. The trekking, sightseeing tours, hiking, climbing, and jungle safari are to name a few. You can search for a suitable travel package on our highly informative website.

Where to visit Nepal?

There are plenty of places to visit in Nepal. The Himalayas, National parks, Conservation areas, and Heritage sites are the most popular.
Find detailed information about places to visit in Nepal.

Do I have to carry my luggage myself on the Trek?

No, we provide a porter to carry your luggage, and your main luggage will be carried by a porter on the trek unless you do not want. You simply carry a day pack with a water bottle, camera, sun-screen, spare jacket, etc. as a small load allows full enjoyment of the trek.

Do I need insurance to travel to Nepal?

Yes, you need travel insurance while traveling to Nepal, and there is always some risk while doing the high mountain Trek in Nepal in case of any sickness or injury. We do everything to transfer you to the nearest hospital. Know more about Nepal Travel Insurance.

Where to stay in Nepal?

The place to stay is very important when you travel as we need to sleep overnights where ever we travel or whenever we travel. Being a travel company, we offer places to stay on your travel to Nepal. There are many types of places to stay, which depend on where you are traveling in Nepal. You can have a budget to 5-star luxury hotels in cities, simple guesthouses, and a homestay in trekking trails.

Know more about places to stay in Nepal.