Festival Travel Packages

There are many world-famous festivals in the world, in which thousands of people travel to experience it. Nepal is known as the country of festivals, and it is said that there are festivals every day, which means Nepal is a multi-cultural & multi-religious country, there can be festival celebrations somewhere in Nepal on each day.

Nepal celebrates many festivals nationwide which include the great Dashain festival, Tihar (Deepawali), Teej, Shivaratri, Holi, Buddha Jayanti, Lhosar, Ghode Jatra, Indra Jatra, Kumari Jatra, Rato Macchhindra Jatra, Bisket Jatra, Tiji festival, Mani Rindu festival, and many more. Some of the festivals that are very much popular among tourists like Shiva Ratri, Holi festival, Buddha Jayanti, Tiji Festival in Mustang & Mani Rimdu Festival in the Everest Region.

There are many festivals, and celebrations in Tibet such as Saga Dawa Festival & Bhutan is a cultural country, and festivals are one of the major tourist attractions of Bhutan. We also arrange travel to Tibet & Bhutan and itinerary to addend on these festivals. Let us know.

We at Outfitter Himalaya have created some festival travel packages, let us know if you are interested to travel on those festivals and knowing and having fun. And, we also offer a tailor-made travel itinerary for any festival celebrations in Nepal. Let us know