Hiking in Nepal

Hiking is a walking tour, and it is called trekking for longer walking holidays and hiking for a short walking tour. So, hiking is the shorter version of trekking in Nepal. Hiking in Nepal includes a 1-day trek to an 8-9 days trek in the middle hills and Himalayas. Hiking is available near Kathmandu, Pokhara, and in Everest, Annapurna, Langtang regions & other parts of Nepal.

Hiking in Nepal is relatively easy and best for novice trekkers. If you are planning for a short trek holiday in Nepal, then these hikes in Nepal are the best things to do in Nepal. There is no chance to get Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) in these hiking as these hiking does not go to the high elevation.

Nepal is virgin land with many hills, plain lands, and the Himalayas, and Nepal is a great place to experience hiking. You explore the diverse flora and fauna and majestic mountains and learn to take challenges of living life in freezing weather in the Himalayas and the scorching climatic condition in the plain land of Terai and the hills of Nepal while going on hiking in Nepal.

Nepal has many things to offer for each individual and hiking is one of them which are available in several chained Himalayas, and they are the best place for hiking.

Outfitter Himalaya has many hiking programs from a day hike to a-week hike. You can find the detail of each of them here. So, look at them and find one for you and let us know if the given hike program is not suitable as our team is always here to tailor-make and customize the hikes to meet your requirements.