Homestay Travel Packages in Nepal

Homestay travel is a new concept of tourism in Nepal, and it has been gaining popularism and is also successful to attract thousands of tourists every year, which is helpful to the uplift of the locals by generating the local economy. Some of the trekking & hiking routes have been developed as homestay trekking, which was needed to organize travel in tented camp style in the past, and the cost of those packages used to be very expensive.

When you do Homestay travel, the cost you pay goes directly to the family, which helps to create jobs for the locals in one way, and in another way, you can experience the true culture & lifestyle of the locals. Homestay travel offers a unique opportunity to experience the diverse cultures & landscapes, and also creates meaningful memories in your lifetime. Eating at home cooked by locals like family members & participating in festivals and the daily lives are other attractions of the Homestay travel in Nepal.

The homestay is built even in the cities like Kathmandu & Pokhara. However, the most popular homestay tours in Nepal are Sirubari Homestay, Ghalegaun Homestay, Panauti, Bardiya, Shree Antu, Palpa, Nuwakot, Nagarkot to name a few.

Find some tour packages that include homestay, and let us craft your homestay travel itinerary. We create a unique itinerary that fits and suits you the best.