Short Langtang Trekking

Duration: 8 Days
At a Glance
  • Duration 8 Days
  • Trip Grade Moderate
  • Destination Nepal
  • Start/End KTM/KTM
  • Group Size 1-12
  • Max. Altitude 4400


  • The short 8-day Langtang trek for trekkers bound by time
  • The Short Langtang Trek is perfect itinerary to explore the beauty of the Langtang region without spending 10 to 14 days
  • Ample acclimatization days with constant increase in elevation, perfect to avoid altitude sickness
  • The short Langtang trail is inside the Langtang National Park, explore various species of flora and fauna
  • Trekking from temperate forests, ascend to meadows and barren hilltop
  • Spend nights in picturesque villages like Lama Hotel, Langtang Village, and Kyanjin Gompa
  • Meet with Sherpas and Tamangs of Langtang region, both are indigenous groups
  • The trail goes through lush rhododendron, pine, and oak forests and crosses many suspension bridges over Langtang Khola
  • Witness gorgeous sunrise from Tserko Ri (or Kyanjin Ri)
  • Enjoy superb mountain views and diverse landscapes throughout the trek
  • Get to see the tempting beauty of the Himalayas in a short time and unwind by relishing the rejuvenating Himalayan air

Short Langtang Trekking 8 Days

Short Langtang trekking is an 8-day trekking program in Nepal in the beautiful Langtang Himalayas. This trek explores the famous Langtang valley and leads you to the ancient Kyanjin Gompa (Monastery). The trekking route is adorned with hundreds of rhododendrons, pine trees, rivers, lush hills, and narrow waterfalls. The tall Himalayan Mountains dominate the skyline, and the journey offers a wide range of landscapes.

The Short Langtang hiking journey is famous among travelers who are looking for a quick adventure in the Himalayas. The short Langtang Trek will let you enjoy the beauty of the Himalayas without spending a long time in the mountains. We also call this trek package- a Short Langtang Trek that you can extend to the holy Gosaikunda Lake and Helmabu region. The starting point of the trekking route is located north of Kathmandu and reached in 7-8 hours of comfortable drive.

We begin the Short Langtang Trek from Syabrubesi, located 117 kilometers (72 miles) away from Kathmandu at 2,380 meters (7,808 ft). The trail from here goes through lush hills and verdant forests to Bamboo. Further, enjoying views of yaks and mules grazing on summer pastures, we will cross two suspension bridges over Langtang Khola before reaching the Lama Hotel (2,470 m/8,103 ft).

The trail then follows the Langtang Khola and enters dense forests. Trekking on an uphill route, we will reach Chhunama (2,790 m/9,153 ft) and ascend to Ghodatabela at 3,030 meters (9,941 ft). From here, we will cross another suspension bridge and trek past the ancient Langtang Gompa, right before entering the beautiful Langtang village (3,430 m/11,253 ft). Trekking past stone walls, follow the uphill route to Mundu.

From Mundu onwards, the trail goes through meadows and old stupas to Kyanjin Gompa (3,870 m/ ft). Here, we will spend two nights and hike to Kyanjin Ri (4,773 m/15,655 ft) or Tserko Ri (4,985 m/16,355 ft). Our acclimatization day in Kyanjin Gompa will let us spend more time with the locals and explore the area. During the hike, you get to see gorgeous sunrises and breathtaking mountain vistas. And later explore a local cheese factory and the surrounding area.

After Kyanjin Gompa, the trail descends to Syabrubesi, retracing the path. The downhill walk is as enchanting as climbing to Kyanjin Gompa. The trekking route is rich in flora and fauna. The locals are friendly and welcoming. We will get to enjoy the serenity of the Himalayas and unwind. Overall, the Short Langtang Trek is a great adventure option from Kathmandu to escape in nature.

A quick and short trekking option from Kathmandu

Unlike the most famous trekking routes in Nepal, the Short Langtang Trek is quite easy and quick to reach the trailhead of the Langtang Valley trek. From the bus park, you can take a 7-hour ride to Syabrubesi. If the group is big, we may also hire a private vehicle. The ride offers beautiful scenery of hills, rivers, and mountains. Moreover, as it is a short trekking package, you will be back in Kathmandu by the day 8th of your trip.

If you are looking for a quick yet doable and adventurous trekking package in Nepal, then our Langtang Short Trek is a great option. Do note that you are free to customize the itinerary of any trekking or tour package in Nepal with us. Our team will design the itinerary as per your time and budget.

Explore the diverse flora and fauna of the Langtang National Park

The Short Langtang Trek is inside the Langtang National Park, a haven of unparalleled natural beauty and biodiversity. From lush valleys to towering snow-capped peaks, trekking in the Langtang region allows you to explore diverse flora and fauna. Countless species of vegetation, flowers, birds, and animals are seen along the varying ecosystems of the Langtang National Park.

The trail starts from temperate forests and ascends to alpine meadows, offering an extraordinary variety of plant and animal life. You will trek through forests of rhododendrons, oaks, and pines. On the way, you may come across elusive animals like the red panda, snow leopard, and Himalayan tahr. Likewise, the Danphe, the national bird of Nepal, is one of the highlights of this trekking route.

Enjoy the adventure of trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal

For adventure seekers and nature lovers, trekking in the Langtang Valley is a lifetime experience. Langtang region is known as the "Valley of Glaciers." It offers a tempting blend of scenic beauty, cultural immersion, and adventurous trails. As you begin trekking into the Langtang Himalayas, you'll find yourself surrounded by towering peaks, dense forests, and traditional Himalayan villages.

The trail goes along the Langtang Khola, crossing it numerous times over suspension bridges and sometimes temporary wooden logs. While trekking, you will come across peaceful meadows and yak grazing sites. Whether you're drawn by the thrill of high-altitude hiking or the desire to explore a unique cultural landscape, trekking in the Langtang Himalayas promises an unforgettable journey through one of Nepal's most beautiful regions.

A trekking package perfect for all kinds of trekkers, whether you are a beginner or experienced

Whether you're taking your first steps into the world of trekking or you're an experienced hiker seeking a shorter yet equally rewarding expedition, the Short Langtang Trek Package is the one you need. This trek lets you foster a deep bond with mountains and mountain people. In the span of 8 days, you will traverse lush forests, cross pristine glacial rivers, and ascend to the breathtaking viewpoint called Kyanjin Ri (optional Tserko Ri).

If you have trekked before, it is great. The journey will become a piece of cake for you. At the same time, if you are new to trekking and picked the short Langtang trek, then that's also fine. This package is recommended for beginner trekkers. Moreover, you can also do a Short Langtang Trek with your family and kids. It is a perfect family adventure kind of package in Nepal.

Experience the mountain lifestyle and get to know the welcoming locals closely

Mountains come alive with the rich traditions and warm hospitality of the locals. The Short Langtang trekking Route is mainly resided by Tamangs and Sherpas. Your overnight stays in the villages along the trekking route will let you engage with the villagers and understand their simple yet fulfilling lifestyle. The trail is dotted with stupas, chortens, mani walls, prayer flags, and monasteries. You will get to learn the culture and beliefs of the locals.

As the locals are very welcoming and friendly, you will not have a hard time interacting with them. Our guide will also help you interact with them and share the famous myths and stories spinning around their life. You also get to see the traditional farming practices and how the locals raise their cattle. Yaks, mules, and goats are common.

Unwind and rejuvenate in the fresh air and serenity of the Himalayas

Escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and embark on a journey that will rejuvenate your soul in the pristine environment of the Himalayas. The Short Langtang Trek offers a serene and revitalizing experience, perfect for those seeking a break from their daily life. Leave your worries behind as you immerse yourself in the crisp mountain air, the soothing sounds of flowing rivers, and the tranquil vistas that stretch as far as the eye can see.

The Short Langtang Trek is more than a physical journey- it's an opportunity to reset your mind, recharge your spirit, and rediscover the profound peace that only the mountains can provide. As you ascend to higher altitudes, let go of stress and distractions and embrace the solitude that surrounds you. Let the tranquil ambiance of the Himalayas wash over you, leaving you refreshed, renewed, and ready to face the world with a new spirit.

Whether you're seeking quiet reflection, a digital detox, or simply a chance to breathe deeply and connect with the earth, the Langtang short trek offers the perfect opportunity for a reinvigorating retreat!

Witness spectacular landscapes and breathtaking mountain views during the trek

The Short Langtang Trek for 8 days reveals breathtaking landscapes at every turn in the trail. This trek is a visual feast for nature enthusiasts and landscape admirers. From panoramic scenes of rolling hills to towering snow-capped peaks piercing the sky, the Short Langtang Trek is a perfect getaway to enjoy diverse natural beauty.

You'll be rewarded with uninterrupted views of towering peaks, including Scout Peak (5,710 m/18,733 ft), Naya Kanga (5,846 m/19,180 ft), Langtang Lirung (7,234 m/23,734 ft), Dorje Lakpa (6,966 m/22,854 ft), Ganchenpo (6,387 m/20,955 ft), Shishapangma (8,027 m/26,335 ft), and the Ganesh Himal range (7,422 m/24,350 ft). Likewise, you will catch numerous outstanding sunrises and sunsets throughout the trek.

Short Langtang Trekking Difficulty

The long walking hours, rugged terrain, and limited facilities along the trekking route make the Short Langtang Trek a little moderate. It is a moderate trek, so the trekking challenges are just enough for beginner trekkers. You do not need previous trekking experience to do this trek. The trail ascends via lush forests and meadows. We will come across a few landslide debris along the trail as well.

Every day, the elevation gain is minimal, so the risk of altitude sickness is quite low on this trek. Moreover, our short Langtang trek itinerary has a rest day in it, along with a decent pace that will allow you to acclimatize as you trek. You do not have to worry about anything while trekking with us, as our team will take care of your requirements and safety during the trek.

Short Langtang Trekking Distance

The Short Langtang Trek approximately covers 77 kilometers (48 miles). In the span of 8 days, you will cover this distance. Each day, you will trek 8 to 11 kilometers, which means 5 to 7 hours on average.

Short Langtang Trekking Elevation profile

The Short Langtang Trek starts at 2,380 m/7,808 ft (Syabrubesi) and ascends to Tserko Ri at 5,033 meters (16,512 ft). Kyanjin Ri (4,773 m/15,655 ft) is an alternative hiking option. You will gain around 2,653 meters (8,704 ft) in elevation from the starting point of the trek.


7-nights’ accommodation is included in our short Langtang trekking package. Tea houses or guest houses are the most common and popular form of accommodation on the Short Langtang Trek. They are basic lodges that provide meals and a place to sleep for trekkers. Tea houses are typically family-run establishments, where the local people offer a warm welcome and a glimpse into their unique culture.

Know more about accommodation in Langtang Trek.

Meals on Short Langtang Trek

A total of 23 meals (7 breakfasts, 8 lunches & 8 dinners) are included in our Short Langtang Short Trek. Nepali set meal (Dal Bhat) is the common meal on the trek; however, there are many options available such as vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and vegan meals. Know more about the meals and drinks along the short Langtang trail.


You need to obtain 2 permits to do the short Langtang trek in Nepal. One of them are Langtang National Park entry permit and another is the Trekkers information management system (TIMS). Know more about the permits for the short Langtang Trek.

Availability, Booking & Last Minute Booking

We at Outfitter Himalaya have opened the booking for 2024 & 2025. The short Langtang Trek is available on any date of the year. Look at the right bar of the page, where you can find the available dates for the booking. However, we advise you to ask us first for up-to-date information about the trekking trails, etc… before making a booking.

Booking the Langtang Short trek in advance is advisable. When you make a booking in advance, we will have enough time to prepare for the trek, schedule our guide, etc.. However, we accept last-minute bookings too.

Best time for the Short Langtang Trek

The best time for any trek in Nepal is Autumn ( from mid-September to the end of December) and Spring ( from Mid-February to end of the May). However, the trek is available all around the year; know more about the best time for the Langtang Short Trek.

Weather in the short Langtang trekking trail

The weather and temperature on the short Langtang trekking trail are varied in different months of the year. Find the detailed breakdown (monthly wise) of weather and temperature.

Guide and porter

Outfitter Himalaya always advises to do the guided trek in Nepal. Most of the trekking routes in Nepal are in the high Himalayas and there is always a risk on the trail when traveling along. Our guides are trained and know about the trail well and have been on the routes multiple times. A local trekking guide is included in the package that we have offered and the porter is not included in the price, however, you can add on a porter if you need it when you are making a booking.


The transportation from Kathmandu to the trek start point (Syaprubeshi) and from the trek end point (Syaprubeshi) to Kathmandu is included in our price and it is on a public local bus. It is the best way to experience the local style of travel however, it may be a little uncomfortable too, So, we have provided an option to upgrade it to a private Jeep, which you can add on when you make a booking.


The Langtang short trek is a popular trekking route in Nepal, known for its stunning mountain views, diverse landscapes, and rich cultural experiences. The short Langtang trek can be completed in various durations, including an 8-day itinerary that provides a glimpse of the region’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. Find the day to day itinerary to complete the 8-day Langtang trek.

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After having breakfast at the hotel in Kathmandu, We start our drive to Syaprubeshi. The ride will be quite comfortable. As we get out of the city, we can see lush green hills and terraces in our surroundings. Driving past small villages and towns, we will reach Dhunche.

From here, we will further drive to Syabrubesi, enjoying superb views of mountains like Ganesh Himal, Langtang Himal, Jugal Himal, Manaslu, etc. It takes around 8 hours to drive from Kathmandu to reach Syabrubesi. From Kathmandu, Dhunche is located 102 km (63 miles) away, and from Dhunche, Syabrubesi is located 15 km (9 miles) away. Many trekkers also start trekking from Dhunche.

  • MealsL, D
  • AccommodationGuest House
  • Max. Altitude1500

We will start trekking on this day. The day begins early with a delicious breakfast. Following our guide and porters, we will trek through beautiful rhododendron forests. The trail gradually descends to Bamboo and enters meadows. The view of the Langtang range is phenomenal along the trail.

As we trek, the valley widens, and we can see yaks and mules grazing on summer pastures. After leaving Syabrubesi, we will cross two suspension bridges over Langtang Khola. Lama Hotel is our first-night stay. It is a lovely village with welcoming locals.

  • MealsB, L, D
  • AccommodationGuest House
  • Max. Altitude2480

From Lama Hotel, the trail follows the Langtang Khola and enters dense forests. We will ascend to Chhunama (2,790 m) and continue trekking from here, crossing a suspension bridge over Langtang Khola. Then comes a place called Ghodatabela at 3,030 meters. Crossing a bridge, we will trek further to Langtang village.

On the way, we will trek past the ancient Langtang Gompa and get to see stunning views of mountains like Langtang Lirung, Scout Peak, Naya Kanga, etc. During the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, Langtang village was destroyed. After almost eight years of this destructive event, the village has fully recovered and is now welcoming trekkers with a warm welcome.

  • MealsB, L, D
  • AccommodationGuest House
  • Max. Altitude3430

The trail from Langtang village goes past the Mani stone wall and takes us to Mundu. Walking alongside verdant hills and meadows, we will trek past stupas. Further, we will cross a bridge and gradually ascend to Kyanjin Gompa. The distance from Langtang village to Kyanjin Gompa is short, so we will have more than half a day to rest and explore this village.

Kyanjin Gompa is a very old, significant monastery in the Langtang region. Located on a hilltop, the Gompa offers a close insight into the cultural richness of the region. We can see snow-capped mountains from here. We have the option to visit a local cheese factory where we can taste delicious yak cheese and buy some as souvenirs.

  • MealsB, L, D
  • AccommodationGuest House
  • Max. Altitude3830

We will spend one more day in Kyanjin Gompa. It is our acclimatization day, which will help us adjust to altitude. In the morning, we hike to Kyanjin Ri or Tserko Ri to witness a gorgeous sunrise and breathtaking mountain views. Both viewpoints offer outstanding landscapes. The trail to Tserko Ri is a bit more rugged and steep.

During the hike, we get to see excellent views of mountains like Ganesh Himal, Langtang Lirung, Langtang II, Ganchenpo, Dorje Lakpa, Shishapangma, Scout Peak, Naya Kanga, Yubra, Shalbachum, and many others.

After the hike, we will return to Kyanjin Gompa to spend the remaining day. We will explore the village and its nearby area. The guide will help you interact with the locals. We will see their daily lifestyle and get to know them and their beliefs closely. This is our chance to enjoy the serenity of the Himalayas to the fullest.

  • MealsB, L, D
  • AccommodationGuest House
  • Max. Altitude4400

Today, we will descend from Kyanjin Gompa to Lama Hotel. It is a long trekking day. The trail ascends and descends past stupas and mani walls. We will walk through meadows and lush hillsides. Crossing a suspension bridge over Langtang Khola, we will descend from Ghodatabela. It is a steep descent and also crosses one more bridge before reaching the Lama Hotel.

  • MealsB, L, D
  • AccommodationGuest House
  • Max. Altitude3430

It is our last day of trekking. From Lama Hotel, we will follow a downhill trail to Bamboo, crossing a suspension bridge on the way. From Bamboo, the trail continues through lush forests of rhododendron and pine to Syabrubesi.

  • MealsB, L, D
  • AccommodationGuest House
  • Max. Altitude1500

We will leave Syabrubesi early in the morning and drive to Kathmandu. The ride offers fantastic landscapes. Rivers, lush green hills, mountains, and small towns are seen during the drive. Once we reach Kathmandu, the team will drop you at the hotel. Settle in and unpack. You have the remaining day free in the city. Rest and window shop in Thamel.

  • MealsB, L

Is the offered itinerary not suitable for you?

Looking for a customized itinerary? Reach out to our experts.

Map & Altitude Graph

Short Langtang Trekking map


  • Transportation by local bus from Kathmandu- Syaprubesi- Kathmandu
  • 23 Meals (7 breakfasts, 8 lunches, and 8 dinners) during the trek
  • National Park entry permits and TIMS permit
  • Seven nights’ accommodations in lodges/tea houses on the trek
  • Trained local trekking guide
  • Salary, food, drinks, accommodation, transportation, and insurance for guide
  • Arrangement of emergency helicopter service, which will be paid by your travel insurance company
  • Sleeping bag, down jacket, if necessary, (returned after the trek)
  • Office expenses, Tax & VAT
  • Serve fresh fruits after dinner as dessert
  • T-shirt & trekking map
  • A farewell dinner
  • First Aid with ogymeter


  • Nepal entry visa fee
  • Travel insurance (compulsory)
  • Trekking porter US $160.00
  • Your personnel expenses/shopping
  • All the alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks
  • Sweet things like chocolate bars and bar bills
  • Hot shower, internet, telephone and laundry
  • International airfare
  • Tips for the guide and staffs
  • Anything not mentioned in the included section

Add-Ons & Options

Upgrade transport from Kathmandu to Syaprubeshi

You can upgrade the transportation to more comfortable drive on Private Jeep from Kathmandu to Syaprubeshi on Day 01. The Private jeep cost US $175.00 and can drive up to 6 person.

Upgrade transport from Syaprubeshi to Kathmandu

You can upgrade the transportation to more comfortable drive on Private Jeep from Syaprubeshi to Kathmandu on Day 08. The Private jeep cost US $175.00 and can drive up to 6 person.

Add Trekking porter

A trekking porter carry about 22-22 Kg and we suggest to hire a porter for each 2 trekkers which cost US $160.00 for 8 days.

Essential Info

Altitude sickness possibility on Short Langtang Trek

As the elevation rises dramatically during the Short Langtang Trekking, trekkers may suffer from altitude sickness if they do not stick to preventive measures. Altitude sickness happens while trekking in the Himalayas if your body does not acclimatize with the elation as you ascend. It may be caused by a rapid ascent, dehydration, poor sleep and nutrition, etc.

So, you have to keep yourself hydrated, not drink alcoholic beverages, not smoke, get plenty of sleep, and have nutritious meals. If you see symptoms like bad headache, difficulty in breathing, loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, insomnia, etc., inform your guide and get first aid. Follow his instructions.

Preparation for the Short Langtang Trekking

To prepare for the short Langtang trek, you can exercise, go hiking and regular long walks, and involve activities like cycling, swimming, and running that will help you build your stamina and endurance. If you go to the gym, you can work on building your core strength and leg muscles. We also recommend you practice mindfulness as it will help you calm down in the mountains.

Another part of preparation includes booking the short Langtang trek on time and packing properly. Trekking boots are one thing that we suggest getting as soon as you can and wearing them multiple times to get used to it. It will help you avoid blisters while trekking. You can rent or buy all trekking clothes, gear, and essentials upon reaching Thamel, Kathmandu.

Travel insurance for the Short Langtang Trekking

Travel insurance is required if you wish to do the Langtang Short Trek. It should cover emergency air evacuation and medical bills. We use travel insurance on rare occasions if the traveler gets injured or sick while trekking. With the help of travel insurance, we can arrange a rescue operation for you quickly.

Even though chances of events like this are quite uncommon, it is always good to have a backpack if you are trekking in the rugged mountains where there is no access to roads and health infrastructure.

Alternative trekking and tour packages in Nepal

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