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Accommodation on Langtang Trekking

While the Langtang region offers some of the most adventurous trekking routes in Nepal, you might also wonder where you will be spending the nights and what kinds of accommodations are available along the trail. The first thing you should know is Langtang region has a good network of tea houses (guest houses). So, you do not have to camp unless you fancy it.

These accommodations not only serve as the resting point while trekking in the Langtang region but also as a space for you to connect with locals and fellow trekkers. Most of the accommodations are set against towering peaks, offering a safe and comfortable place for trekkers to spend the night.

Run by local operators and families, the tea houses/guest houses provide a range of accommodations, from cozy private rooms to twin-sharing rooms. The allure of these tea houses lies not only in the basic comforts they offer – a warm bed and nourishing meals – but also in the genuine warmth of the people who welcome travelers with open arms.

A remarkable aspect of the tea house accommodation is the opportunity it provides to engage with the local culture. As trekkers share stories with fellow adventurers and gather around the dining area usually, they gain insight into the traditions, beliefs, and daily lives of the people who call these mountains home.

Likewise, the locals are committed to sustainable practices. Many of these establishments have embraced eco-friendly initiatives, such as utilizing solar energy and minimizing waste, to ensure that the pristine beauty of the Langtang remains unspoiled for future generations of trekkers.

As the blog progresses, you will learn more about the accommodations available along the Langtang trekking trails, what to expect, and how to book them.

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Types of accommodation in the Langtang region

The Langtang region has two kinds of accommodation throughout the trekking routes- tea houses and guesthouses. Both are basic accommodations with a few differences.

Tea house accommodation

Tea houses are generally available everywhere along the trails. The lower parts of the Langtang region have better services in the tea houses than the upper part of the trail. The rooms are mostly given on twin sharing basis, but you will have single rooms too if you book in advance.

Accommodation Buildings in Langtang Trekking Region, Nepal

Accommodation on Langtang Trekking

Likewise, it is common to use shared toilets. Private toilets are also available in a handful of tea houses. The rooms are equipped with single or twin beds, with clean bedding and blanket. You will also get a table and maybe a cupboard in the rooms.

In Syabrubesi, you can get more standard services at a higher rate. However, as you trek higher, the accommodation and facilities will get basic and limited with high prices. Likewise, you may not get single rooms above Langtang village or generally at high altitudes because of the low number of tea houses.

Langtang valley trek, Langtang Circuit trek, Helambu Valley Trekking, Ganja La pass trek, and Langtang Gosaikunda trek routes mostly have tea house accommodations.

Guesthouse accommodation

Guesthouse accommodation allows you to get closest to the locals. It's more like you are staying in the homes of the locals. While you will find guesthouses are found in every trekking route in the Langtang region, the Tamang heritage trail is most famous for guesthouse accommodation. The facilities in the guesthouses are minimal.

The rooms are mostly twin-shared, with limited options for single spaces. Bathrooms are commonly shared and have multiple options. As you will be spending the nights in the homes of the locals, you will get to have a glimpse of their lifestyle and practices. The rooms will be neat and clean with a homely vibe.

Facilities and amenities in the tea houses/guesthouses

Contrary to what one might expect in such remote areas, tea houses/guesthouses in the Langtang region provide a range of basic amenities to ensure your comfort:


The rooms are simple yet cozy rooms with a variety of comfort. Beds often come with pillows & warm blankets, essential for chilly mountain nights.

Dining halls

Most accommodation points have communal dining halls where trekkers gather to share meals, stories, and laughter. It's a chance to bond with fellow adventurers from around the world.

Local cuisine

Be prepared to tantalize your taste buds with a menu that includes local Nepali dishes and a selection of international options. Don't miss the opportunity to savor a warm bowl of dal bhat, a staple Nepali meal.


Basic shared bathroom facilities are available, although standards can vary. Hot showers might be available at an extra cost (up to USD 5), so be sure to check with your accommodation provider.

Charging stations

Tea houses and guesthouses offer charging stations for electronic devices, allowing you to stay connected and capture stunning moments with your camera. You may have to pay USD 2 to USD 3 to charge your device above Lama Hotel. Power banks and a solar charger will come in quite handy.


Paid WiFi is available up to Kyanjin Gompa in the Langtang valley. While not guaranteed, a few tea houses may offer limited Wi-Fi access for a small fee on other trekking routes in the region too. However, be prepared for irregular connectivity due to the remote location. Likewise, above Lama Hotel, the cellular network is also not stable and found everywhere.

Accommodation in Gosaikunda, Langtang Region, Nepal

Accommodation in Gosaikunda

Booking and Availability

Given the popularity of the Langtang trek, it's advisable to make advance reservations for tea house accommodation, especially during peak trekking seasons. This ensures you have a comfortable space to rest and enjoy the hospitality of the locals.

Notes: Trekking with a local company like us assures you the best accommodation during any trek in the Langtang region. We will book all the accommodation in advance on your behalf, thanks to our network throughout the Lantang trails, making the journey hassle-free for you.

Below are a few reasons to reserve a place for you in advance:

  • Guaranteed accommodation: The Langtang region is a popular trekking destination, and accommodation along the trails can fill up quickly, especially during peak seasons. By booking in advance, you secure a place to stay each night, eliminating the stress of finding rooms upon arrival.
  • Preferred choices: Advance booking allows you to choose accommodations that suit your preferences and budget. You can opt for tea houses with better amenities, views, or specific features that enhance your experience.
  • Peace of mind: Trekking is physically demanding, and knowing you have a comfortable place to rest after a tiring day provides peace of mind. You can focus on enjoying the trek without worrying about accommodation availability.
  • Special requirements: If you have dietary restrictions or special needs, informing tea houses in advance allows them to make necessary arrangements for your comfort.

Cost of Accommodation in Langtang Trekking

The cost of accommodation in tea houses can vary depending on the amenities offered. While basic tea houses are more budget-friendly, those with additional facilities may come at a slightly higher price. Keep in mind that costs might increase as you ascend to higher altitudes due to the logistical challenges of providing supplies.

Note: Our Langtang trek packages include the cost of all the accommodations during the trek. Our standard package includes a nice tea house/guesthouse.

Tips for comfortable accommodation

  • Choose a quality sleeping bag suitable for the Langtang trek's temperatures and altitudes.
  • Carry a lightweight and insulated sleeping pad for added comfort and insulation from the cold ground.
  • A small inflatable pillow can make a significant difference in sleep quality.
  • Earplugs and eye mask: block out noise and light for a peaceful night's rest.
  • Personal entertainment: Consider bringing a book, journal, or playing cards for downtime entertainment.
  • Pack travel-sized toiletries, including soap, toothpaste, and a toothbrush.
  • Flip-Flops: use these when using shared bathroom facilities to protect your feet.
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