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Annapurna Conservation Area (ACAP)

The Annapurna Conservation Area (ACAP) is a vast protected area in Nepal, spanning over 7,600 square kilometers across several districts including Manang, Mustang, Kaski, Myagdi, and Lamjung. ACAP was the first conservation area in Nepal and remains the largest. It is home to a diverse range of cultural groups, with over 100,000 residents living within its boundaries. ACAP plays a crucial role in preserving the natural beauty and biodiversity of the region.

The Annapurna Conservation Area (ACAP) is a haven for biodiversity, boasting a wide range of flora and fauna. Recent data shows that the region is home to 105 mammal species, 518 bird species, 40 reptile species, 23 amphibian species, and 1,226 flowering plant species. In addition to its rich wildlife, ACAP is also home to the world's deepest river gorge, the Kali Gandaki Gorge, which spans 3 miles in length and 1.5 miles in width. Visitors can also marvel at the stunning Tilicho Lake and the largest rhododendron forests in the world. The conservation area is also dotted with charming villages and rushing streams and rivers, making it a must-visit destination for nature lovers.

The Annapurna Conservation Area (ACAP) is not only known for its stunning natural beauty but also for its rich cultural diversity. The region is home to a variety of ethnic groups, including Magar, Gurung, Manang, Loba, Thakali, Brahmin, Chhetri, and more, each with their own unique traditions, languages, and festivals. Despite their differences, these communities coexist peacefully and harmoniously. The two main religions practiced in the Annapurna Region are Hinduism and Buddhism, adding to the cultural richness of the area.

The Annapurna Conservation Area (ACAP) is a region of unparalleled beauty, home to the majestic Annapurna Himalayas and a trekking trail that is both alluring and breathtaking. Along the way, trekkers will encounter numerous stupas, monasteries, Chortens, mani walls, and prayer flags that imbue the region with a sense of spiritual tranquility. The trail is also adorned with a number of Himalayan peaks, including the towering Annapurna Range (8,091 m), the majestic Dhaulagiri Range (8,167 m), the stunning Mt. Nilgiri (7,061 m), the imposing Mt. Gangapurna (7,455 m), the picturesque Mt. Tukuche (6,920 m), the enchanting Mardi Himal (5,587 m), the regal Lamjung Himal (6,983 m), and many others that add to the region's natural splendor.

The Annapurna Conservation Area (ACAP) in Nepal is a popular destination for travelers and trekkers due to its stunning natural beauty and unique cultural heritage. The region's popularity has led to the development of many lodges, teahouses, and guesthouses along the trail, providing a boost to the local economy. Many villages in the area rely on tourism as their main source of income, and the ACAP has become a vital contributor to the region's economic growth.

The Annapurna Conservation Area (ACAP) has become a popular destination for travelers, but with the influx of visitors comes the challenge of preserving the natural environment. The region has experienced an increase in fuel wood consumption and waste produced by trekkers, putting pressure on the forest. To address these issues, the government and private organizations are collaborating to promote eco-friendly and sustainable tourism practices. By working together, they hope to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the beauty of ACAP.

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Most Popular Trekking Packages in Annapurna Conservation Area (ACAP)

The Annapurna Conservation Area is one of the most popular region for trekking. Find some of the most popular trekking program in Annapurna Conservation Area.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is one of the most popular trekking trails in the Annapurna Conservation Area. You can do the trek from 6 days to 12 days to reach Annapurna Base Camp.

Annapurna Circuit Trek

The Annapurna Circuit Trekking trail is the classic trekking route in Annapurna, and it is said to be the best circuit trek in the world.

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

The Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is short and sweet, and best suited for group family members and novice trekkers.

Mardi Himal Trek

Mardi Himal Trail is a newly introduced trail in the Annapurna region, and it is becoming more & more popular day by day among trekkers.

Khopra Ridge Trek

Khopra Ridge Trek is another trekking trail in the Annapurna region. It is also the best alternative trek for ABC trek since the ABC is very busy these days.

Upper Mustang Trekking

The upper mustang region is located in controlled areas of Nepal. The nature & culture of the region is unique in the world. Mustang is being more popular among international & domestic travelers these days.

Nar Phu Valley Trek

The Nar Phu Valley is a unique village located in High Himalayas. The valley is located in the northern part of the Manang district of Nepal, and a special trekking permit is required to trek in this region. An itinerary of Narphu Valley with Thorong La Pass is the best for adventure seekers.


There are many other trek routes in Annapurna Conservation, which are Short Annapurna Circuit, Tilicho Lake, Poon Hill and many others. So, let us know if you want to make your own itinerary to trek in the area.

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