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Best Ways to See Everest in Nepal

Everest is the most popular & the highest in the world. Being the roof of the world, the Everest Mountain is one of the most popular places to travel in Nepal, and many people/travelers dream to see or reach the Everest base camp once in a lifetime. Everest is a major tourist attraction in Nepal.

Outfitter Himalaya Holidays is founded to "MAKE YOUR TRAVEL DREAMS COME TRUE" to reach Everest Base Camp or view Everest. Everest is one of the places or things that you should not miss seeing on your Nepal Travel.

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View Everest by taking the Everest Mountain flight

The Mountain flight tour is operated by some of the domestic air crafts in Nepal every morning. The Everest experience mountain flight tour is from Kathmandu Airport and flies around the Himalayas including Mountain Everest.

You can see various mountains and Everest from the window of the plane. These mountain flights are suitable for those who are not able or have enough time to do a trek to Base camp.

View Everest by taking Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is available now. Everest Helicopter tour is operated by a private helicopter & the flights are operated from Kathmandu airport.

And the Helicopter tour to Everest base camp starts from Kathmandu airport and goes to Lukla airport, then to Kalapattar. The Helicopter lands in Kalapattar, and you are given some time to see Everest and the other Himalayas, and you can take some great photos of Everest as well.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

You will return to Syangbuche where the Everest View hotel (5-star hotel) is located, and you will be stopped and given some time to enjoy breakfast by looking the Everest and many other Himalayas. The Helicopter tour to see Everest now has become more popular, and you have options to take the tour on a group join basis or even on a private as well if you are single or two and look for a group tour.

View Everest by taking a short Trek to Tengboche

If you want to see Everest and can have a few days trek, then we have 11 days trekking program to see Everest, which is called Everest Panorama Trek is the best way.

The 11-day Everest Panorama trek includes your arrival and departure days to and from Nepal & a day cultural day tour in Kathmandu.

Everest Panorama Trek is suitable for those who have limited days or are unable to do the full EBC Trek. The trek starts from Lukla by taking a short flight from Kathmandu Airport and treks to Tengboche by stopping in Namche.

You will be able to view Everest and many other mountains from Tengboche. After spending a night in Tebgbuche, you will return to Namche and then to Lukla to take a return flight to Kathmandu.

Reach Everest Base Camp by a Trek

The Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most popular treks in the world. Thousands of people have a dream to reach Everest Base camp every year. The trekking is only the way to reach Everest base camp (unless you go by helicopter).

Reaching Everest Base Camp by trekking

We have a standard 16- day Everest Base Camp Trek, or if you are limited in time, you can also return by Helicopter flight. See the detail of Everest Base Camp Helicopter Trek.

We also have Everest Base Camp Trek - 14 Days, or you can book the 12-Days Everest Base Camp Trek.


I hope the above information to see and reach Everest is useful to you. If you are planning to travel to Nepal, your travel is incomplete without seeing or reaching the Everest Base camp.

There are many other trekking programs in Everest Region where you can see the Everest which are Everest High Pass Trek, EBC Chola Pass Gokyo Trek, Renjo La Pass Trek, or you can make a long journey to EBC by trekking from Jiri.

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