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Changu Narayan Temple: A masterpiece of Nepali Architecture

Changu Narayan temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, well known as the preserver divine force of creation to Hindus, lies in the town of Changu in Bhaktapur. It is considered to be one of the oldest temples whose history dates back nearly 3000 years as it was built in the 4th century under the Lichhavi dynasty by King Mandev.

The Changu Narayan Temple is a place that holds a strong religious as well as historical impact on the country. Changunarayan Temple is made in pagoda style with a double storied building. There are four doors in the temple, which are guarded by the sculptures of lions, and the temple is decorated with carvings.

The sanctuary is beautified with the best specimens of stone, wood, and metal, which is the specialty in the Valley. It offers you diverse kinds of artists and carvings of stones, wood, and metals inside the temple. The traveler control says, "When you view Changu Narayan, you watch the total cultural development of the Kathmandu Valley.

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History of Changu Narayan Temple

The sanctuary of Changu Narayan was initially built in the fourth century amid the Lichhavi Dynasty. Later, it was rebuilt in 1702 AD after a major fire incident. The hillside temple of Changu Narayan, found 4 kilometers north of Bhaktapur, is the oldest Vishnu shrine in Kathmandu Valley.

Established as ahead of schedule as 325 AD, it is a standout amongst Nepal's most beautiful and truly essential temples. Rebuilt in 1702 after its destruction by flame, the two-story sanctuary has numerous mind-boggling carvings of the tenth incarnations of Vishnu and distinctive multi-furnished Tantric goddesses.

Changu Narayan, as well as the Lichhavi dynasty, can be considered as the genuine diamonds in the history of Nepal (fourth to ninth hundreds of years) stone, wood, and metal carvings in the yard encompassing the primary sanctuary.

The Chagunarayan Temple

Aside from the primary sanctuary, there are different holy places devoted to Shiva, Chinnamasta (Kali), Ganesh, and Krishna found in the yard. A journey to the sanctuary of Chinnamasta, viewed as the mother goddess adored at the site on ancient occasions, is held here every year in the Nepali month of Baisakh (April-May).

Interesting Facts about Changu Narayan Temple

Old as old itself, the Changu Narayan Temple has a history that dates back to around 3000 years. Perched on a hill, the temple stands majestically over the rice fields of Bhaktapur around 22 km away from Kathmandu.

The Changu Narayan Temple is one of seven structures cited by UNESCO as demonstrating the historic and artistic achievements that make the Kathmandu Valley a World Heritage Site.

This temple is said to be the oldest Hindu temple still in use in the Kathmandu Valley. Built-in the two-tiered pagoda style, the main shrine here is guarded on all sides by pairs of real and mythical beasts – elephants, lions, winged lions, and ram-horned griffons. Its roof struts feature some amazingly intricate carvings of Tantric deities. Changu Narayan and its associated buildings were badly affected by the 2015 earthquake. However, restoration of the complex is underway.

Things to See in Changu Narayan Temple

The Changu Narayan temple is a twofold roofed sanctuary committed to Lord Vishnu in his incarnation as Narayan. The sanctuary is enlivened with ten incarnations of the Narayan. Stone lions monitor all the four entryways of the sanctuary.

Small Museum near Chagunarayan Temple

Garuda, a half-man and half-flying creature is the vehicle of the Vishnu. A real existence measure stone statue of Garuda bows before the west essence of the sanctuary. There is an engraving stone behind the statue. The engraving gives vital data on the Lichhavi administration and the historical backdrop of Kathmandu valley. Before the sanctuary's principal entrance, in a lavish pen, there are little statues of King Bhupatindra Malla and his ruler.

Toward the north of the sanctuary is the statue of Vishnu situated on a Garuda. The model goes back to the ninth century and is one more fascination in the territory.

The sanctuary's true gems are a lot of models dotted around the yard. The statue of Vishnu in a half-man and a half lion incarnation called Narsingha is something not to be missed. It goes back to 464 AD. Another statue indicates Vishnu as Vikranth/Vamana, the six-outfitted smaller person who later changed into a giant. To the side of these pictures is a little dark chunk demonstrating a 10-headed and 10-equipped Vishnu. The delightfully cut picture is around 1500 years of age.

Things to Remember While Traveling in Changu Narayan Temple

Despite age and nationality, everybody needs to pay entrance fees to enter the premises of Changu Narayan Temple.

Even though Changu Narayan has a bunch of statues and models, Changu Narayan is additionally well known for its delightful specialties in wood, stone, and metal. Everything in and around the sanctuary is a certifiable show-stopper. So, ensure you have examined every single corner of Changu Narayan.


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