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Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave

Located in Pokhara, Nepal, the Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave, also known as Bhalu Dulo, is a must-visit destination for tourists. With a length of 2,000 meters, it is considered one of the longest caves in Nepal. The cave is situated near Davi's fall, and the sound of the water inside can be heard from afar. According to local beliefs, the cave was discovered in the 16th century, but it wasn't until 1991 AD that the main entrance was constructed and modern-day decorations were added.

Located in Nepal, the Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave is a fascinating natural wonder that attracts visitors from all over the world. The cave is divided into two chambers, with the second section being closed off during the monsoon season to ensure the safety of visitors. As you make your way deeper into the cave, you'll come across small shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva, adding to the spiritual significance of this unique destination.

The Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave is a dark and mysterious place, with only limited lighting available. It is recommended that visitors bring their own torches to fully explore the surroundings. As you descend the stairs, you may be surprised to see a cowshed within the cave. However, this is a religious symbol, as the cow is believed to be protecting Lord Shiva, who is represented by a Shiva Linga. For those who are brave enough to venture further, there is a small tunnel to explore. Visitors are also welcome to make a donation in the provided box.

The Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave is a sacred site filled with small shrines and statues of Hindu deities. Among them is a Shiva temple, which is strictly regulated when it comes to photography. Visitors are closely monitored by guards and caretakers to ensure that no laws are broken and the sanctity of the temple is preserved.

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Brief History of Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave

The Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave has a rich history shrouded in myths and legends. According to one popular tale, the cave was stumbled upon by a group of locals who noticed debris and overgrown grass covering a mysterious spot. After clearing the area, they uncovered the entrance to the cave, which has since become a popular destination for tourists and pilgrims alike.

Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave is a unique and sacred site in Nepal, filled with statues and portraits of Hindu deities such as Mahadev, Parvati, Nageshwor, and Saraswati. As visitors explore the cave, they will come across a stunning waterfall that flows through it, believed to originate from Davis Falls. However, the most significant discovery in the cave was a statue resembling Lord Shiva, which gave the cave its name. The history and significance of this cave make it a must-visit destination for those interested in Hindu culture and spirituality.

The Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave in Pokhara

How to Get Gupteshwor Cave

The Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave resides on the side of Siddhartha Highway and is reachable from the Dam side in Pokhara. The cave sits across the Davis Falls. Many people include a visit to the Gupteshwor Mahadev cave while touring Pokhara.

Permits and fees to enter the Gupteshwor Cave

Before entering the cave premises, you can see a counter there at the entrance of the Cave. It is used to purchase a ticket to enter the cave. The price for a non-Nepali citizen is Rs.100 whereas the price for a Nepali citizen tends to be half of that.

Interesting facts about Gupteshwor Cave

  • The cave is a popular pilgrimage site in Nepal, and there is a huge crowd here during festivals like Chaite Dashain and Maha Shivaratri.
  • The interior of the cave consists of the deposition of calcium carbonate and surrounding limestone.
  • As you explore the cave premises, you can see rare minerals and elements.
  • It is also considered one of the longest caves in Nepal.

Things to do around the Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave

There is much to see and learn while visiting the Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave in Pokhara. You have to understand that it is still in the process of development, and you might have to lower your standards a bit. If you are visiting such caves for the first time, it is perfect to learn about their history and mysteries.

If you are visiting Pokhara for the first time, we advise you to visit the cave premises during your combined trip to the World Peace Pagoda or other tours in Pokhara. First, visit the Davis Falls, then Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave, and finally the World Peace Pagoda. You need to avoid visiting the cave during public holidays and special occasions to escape crowds.

Words don’t do justice to the Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave, which can only be felt by exploring.


The Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave is a place that you should not miss visiting while you visit Pokhara. Numerous tours with us include a visit to the cave, which include the Pokhara Day Tour, Pokhara Tour, Spirit of Nepal Tour, & Taste of Nepal.

Pokhara is the gateway to all the popular treks in Annapurna Region and you can take a short tour of the cave when you are on Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Mardi Himal Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Upper Mustang Trek & Manaslu Circuit Trek.

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