However, most of the tourist places except some of the controlled areas in Nepal are allowed tourists to visit themselves without taking a guide. However, there are some reasons why you should do a guided travel in Nepal.

Know the Destinations

You can visit most of the places in Nepal without a guide. However, you will only look at them and take some photographs, but you never know the stories behind those historical sites. The historical places in Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal have carried long history, many stories, legends, arts, and architecture, and you can know them well only when you take a guided tour in Nepal.

We offer a local expert guide on our guided tour and trekking, who offer interpretations of your destination, people, culture, lifestyle, history, geography, political systems, and much more. You know that no one in the world can interpret the destination better than the local. You will have authentic information about the destination.

Travel Safe

Most of the trekking in Nepal goes into the high Himalayas, and it is risky to travel alone without a guide in those remote areas. I hope you have read and heard the bad news that many individual trekkers have been lost and are not found yet because some trekking trails go into the high ridge, thick forest, & across the streams. So, people may lose their life in small mistakes, and they can lose their way to their destination or return to the same trail.

We suggest you not travel alone in the mountains and take our guided trekking, where there will be our guide to offer all the information about the places, trekking trails, and mountain sickness.

Our guide help to rescue/evacuate you from the mountain in the case of emergency, which will save your life, and you will not have this opportunity when you do not take our guide trekking.

Travel Without Worry

When you take our guided trekking or tour in Nepal, we arrange all the related travel services from your arrival at the airport to your departure from Nepal. The arrangement includes airport transfer, booking accommodation, transport, flights, tours, guides, porter, permits, entrance fees, and whatever is needed. You do not need to take worry about your tour, just enjoy it.

Support to Generate Local Economy

When you take our guided trekking or tour, that is supportive to generate the local economy in Nepal. For your information, Nepal is having an unemployment problem, and tourism is a fast-growing industry in Nepal that can offer job opportunities to thousands of people.

You can imagine that your travel to Nepal can provide jobs to many people including me as an organizer, guide, driver & porter. You can imagine that your travel with us is helping the local economy of Nepal.