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Trekking alone without a guide is banned in Nepal

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) has made it mandatory for all foreign nationals visiting the country to take a trekking guide when going on a trek. It is now strictly prohibited for tourists to go trekking alone without a guide. The decision was made at the board meeting held on Thursday, 2nd March, 2023.

Trekking by oneself without a guide is now strictly prohibited in Nepal. In the past, foreigners were able to go trekking independently after obtaining a Tourist Information Management System (TIMS) card from the Nepal Tourism Board. However, due to recent developments, the Board has officially declared that no foreigner can pursue any treks unaccompanied.

Notice from Nepal Tourism Board (NTB)

The Nepal Government imposed a ban on trekking without the accompaniment of a guide due to the rising incidents of tourists getting injured and lost in such activities. According to Chandra Rizal, Vice President of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), this decision was taken to protect tourists and as a measure to ensure their effective rescue when needed. Furthermore, it also aims to restore Nepal's reputation at international levels due to numerous deaths that have occurred as a result of unguided trekking in the High Himalayas.

As of April 1st, 2023, all individuals must travel through a local trekking company. The Nepal Tourism Board, TAAN, and tourism workers have convened that it will have positive impact in order to ensure safety and proper management of tourists.

The Trekkers information management (TIMS) fee has also been increased. Tourists from SAARC countries have grown to NPR 1000 from the previous NPR 600 and NPR 2000.00 from NPR1000.00.

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